Not to update data source and do updates on another data file


I have a data source which I used to build the form, I need the form inputs to be updated in a certain sheet and to keep the data source intact

please help me

Rizik Hilan

HI @rizik_Hilan
You can reference your data source from your other certain sheet/table so only your other sheet/table is updated when adding a new record. You will need to build a new form from your certain other sheet , not the data source sheet. If this is not what you need , please provide more information about your app thanks.

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Hi Lynn

Thanks again, I will explain more, I have data source contains several columns some of them has preset values and some their values will be updated in the form. when the form updated then updates will not be done on the data source, instead it will be added to another file


Ok, did you try using an action to update another table?

Yes I tried, it will work but the data source will be updated as well, I dont want the data source to be updated

Hi Lynn

is there a way to call you ?

You’ll need to base your form on the “certain sheet” and use the “data source” to provide initial values to the form. Your form should not be based on the “data source”