Nothing appear on the app

Hi everybody ! :slight_smile:

I come back to you about a problem. I am making an app with statistics calculations in it.

The user of the app have to define some parameters, and the app calculate the size of the sample (according to the parameters choosen).

The calculation is :

Column name → Taille de l’échantillon
Column type → Decimal
[Taille de l'Ă©chantillon] = ((([Sigma]*[Sigma])*([Proportion]*(1-[Proportion])))/([Marge d'erreur]*[Marge d'erreur]))/(1+((([Sigma]*[Sigma])*([Proportion]*(1-[Proportion])))/(([Marge d'erreur]*[Marge d'erreur])*[Nb d'OTs/an])))

I don’t have issues with the mathematical side (no problem in the app with this calculation), but the result is not display !

Can the team help me once again ? thank you all :vulcan_salute:

Assuming the formula has no errors, the screen that you are show where “nothing is appearing in the app” is not really the edit screen. The formula will populate when you edit that form. Click on the edit button (yellow circle with pen), then edit that form and see if your value appears.