Notification Question

Hi people, is it possible to send a notification to a user in a field, when a date and time is meet in another field?

I’m thinking of tasks, a task is created and assigned to people, it is given a due date and time and when this is met, the assignees get a notification.

I’ve looked, but can’t find much?

Not precisely. The best you can do is schedule reports throughout the day that generate notifications scheduled at a nearby time. For instance, a 2:00 PM report might generate all notifications scheduled for the two o’clock hour.

Thanks @Steve would it be possible to send the tasks to gcal and have reminders sent from gcal?

I don’t know! You can certainly add calendar events, but I’m pretty sure you can’t enable or disable event reminders. Also, you can only mange calendar entries for the calendars that are attached to the app, which is typically not each app user’s.

You might be able to use web hooks or Google scripting, but both of those are outside my experience, so I have no guidance there.

Thank @Steve just trying to create a productive task management app but Appsheet might not be the best solution for this. Might stick to separately using Google calendar.

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