Notification to only 1 Smartphone

I’m sending a Notification that tells the User “Please sync now”.
This is because they often loose connection and so at least once a day they sync.
I’m using a Report for that, sending the Notify to the User’s E-Mail Address.
Now this user has many devices with different Apps. Each device is for one App. But always the same login.
I don’t want the Notification pop up on every device, but only on the one device that is using this one App.

Is this possible?
Maybe with USERSETTINGS()?

I’m afraid that’s not possible at this moment. Maybe a feature request…

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I don’t think there is a way to target users for notifications, other than their email address.

If we could use something besides email, then CONTEXT("Device") would be helpful here. But there’s nowhere to use it in an expression that would filter notifications.

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Thank you @Aleksi and @GreenFlux for your response.
I turned this into a feature request :blush: