Notifications in appsheet-Zapier

Hi, I am trying to display notifications on my app or use any other method to display notifications when a new row is added to the database using zapier. I am using zapier to push out data from another website directly to the database which then ends up showing up in the app. I want to display a notification or alert anytime that new row is added to the database. Is there any way to do this? Instead of directly adding a row to the database, I also tried using appsheets api to add a row however it keeps throwing out an error in zapier. Any documentation on how to set up appsheets api in zapier?

Nope. AppSheet cannot monitor and respond to changes in the data source.

This poster had a good idea:

I’m pretty sure the community has members who use Zapier. Perhaps post a screenshot of the error so that we might try to help?

I can’t see the poster? Could you post it again please? Thanks
I will post a screenshot of zapier.

Sorry, I meant it as a joke. You are the poster! Your idea to use the AppSheet API is a good one, so we should figure out why it’s not working for you. :slight_smile:

haha thanks!

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I am trying to use beta version of appsheet integration into zapier but can’t seem to be having errors. Anyone else having issues?

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Were you able to get this to work?