Notifications not reaching Google Groups addresses

I’ve been having a problem with Google Groups and the notifications that are sent from my apps.

I have some group email addresses ( is an address that forwards all emails to a group of users with an individual email address). Whenever I use a group email address my workflow won´t send the notification, or at least the users won’t get it.
The group mails are working just fine, I can send a regular email to the group address and it will forward it to all the members of the group.

Is this an issue or is AppSheet just not compatible with this feature yet?

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Yes, it is deployed, it works as expected with single user email addresses, it is not working just with the group addresses.

I’d bet the problem is with your mail server, the one that handles the group address. I suspect it’s rejecting the email from AppSheet, perhaps even seeing it as spam. I’d suggest you contact whomever supports the service that provides the group mail address.

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Okay, I’ll do, thanks!

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For anyone else having this problem, I solved this with the section " People outside my organization can’t email my group" o this post: Fix common issues with group settings - Google Workspace Admin Help