Now Appsheet works on Tableau Dashboard!


It is possible me only get excited to find this is working out now! …
In the past, Appsheet did not work on the Tableau Dashboard. Pasting URL to Tableau Dashboard but due to error of browser storage reasons, the Appsheet App has not been displayed on the Tableau dashboard.

By chance, I put Appsheet App again, surprisingly it worked!

Observations ’

By adding to tableau desktop, being asked for credential, i.e. Appsheet log in required all the time. Seems auth info not being cached to Tableau Desktop. But once being logged in, Appsheet App worked on tableau dashboard, which is perfect.

Secondly published dashboard to Tableau Online. Again, it worked!

Make the story better, when I access to Appsheet on tablea online, cache seems to be working , I never being asked to put the ID and pasword.

My apps are working collabrately and interactively with Tableau. Appsheet capture the data of client. Then tableau connected to it and visualize it.

My users could be able to play around both application on the same place to interact further.

Tableau is just data analysis tool, unable to alter the data sources.

As far as the data source can be reached by Appsheet, then there will be tons of use cases.
To dynamically change the Viz (Tableau works), I m now able to change the data itself from dashboard directly. Dont need to employ parameter control of Tableau etc.

For instance, tableau dashboard is using some master table to visualize data. Then now we are able to change the master table data and it will be chain the chage in the tableau dashboard.

Not sure what sort of change Appsheet team did, but I reckon the change in browser storage system?
Whatever it is, this is fantastic achivement for me, like a geek to both Appsheet and Tableau.

Thank you guys.


“Seems auth info not being cached to Tableau Desktop”

Yes I was seeing this also. Good to know about Tableau online caching it, however! Thanks for the feedback, Koichi!

A great use case I’ve had success with the past year is gantt charts in tableau, from data captured in appsheet apps

Oh Yeah, it works very well with Tableau online indeed. Glad you made it work for your scenario as well Koichi.
This is exactly how I track our own engineering Kanban board. It works beautifully

All the Tableau interactivity is there, slicing, dicing, and using Dashboard action to pass values from vizzes to Appsheet.
Now if only I could point Tableau to read Appsheet application model as a datasource… it would give me access to all Virtual columns data, single security and permission model and all bunch of other goodies… :slight_smile:
But this is an awesome first step that joins the power of both these self-service best of breed tools.
Have a happy holiday season.

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Hiya Ty,

We have APPSHEET API, verb FIND. So technically we are able to read all the table column, including virtual column, but we have to sacrifice our valuable time to write code. I did before and it worked by creating own Web Data Connector (WDC), it is not ideal option for me. I dont want to write code.

Most ideal option for me is to get the native tableau/appsheet connector in place and available.
Once we connect Appsheet, then all the table, slice and column inc virtual ones available.
That’s still on my wishlist.

Please vote here!