Number of licenses required

I am at the point of deploying an app with 2 users on the PRO Plan. They will not have Author Access but only log in with User access
As Author I will not use the App as the Users would, but will stay on as Author if they need enhancements or if they experience any issues.
My questions is: Do I need 3 PRO Licenses which includes me as Author or only 2 for the Users that will log in?

This question would be well addressed to

I have the same question.

As long as you don’t run the app on your mobile device or on your desktop, just access the app thru the appsheet editor, then you need only 2 Pro licences. Bear in mind that even-if you launch the app as full screen preview from the editor, than it will be logged as a distinct user and therefore require an additional licence.


Sooooo, develop app to use in full screen mode require an extra license. How can we test the layout in full screen mode, without RUN the full screen mode ???:thinking:

And also a miss click while developing the app will require an extra license too, as we know, the user count are made by monthly unique users that logged in at least one time.

As a long time appsheet developer, i think this “new” developer account user license policy are not fair.

@Diogo_Cacho You can test the full screen functionality when the app is in a prototype mode.