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Good day. I would like to give access to 10 users to use my prototype app, but would like to clarify the following statement: “Prototype apps should not exceed 10 users in the last 30 days”

There are 4 users that have been using the app in the last 30 days which I would not like to continue using the app. Can I still give access to 10 different unique users, or will I be limited to those 4, plus 6 new users only?

Please assist.

Hi @Jerry_Langenhoven

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Short answer: plus 6, then plus anything to reach 10 after the first 30 days :slight_smile:


what about after 30 days?

The app counts number of users in the past 30 days.
Let’s say:

  • day1 you have 4 users
  • day10 you have 6 more users ==>reach count of 10
  • Month1 and day1 ==> reach drops to 10-4 users ==> 6 users, you can add 4 more or just 1 if you want.

it’s a 30-rolling days count of users.

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what will happen with my 10 users after 30days?

You just can’t add more users than your 30-rolling day/10 users allows you to.

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Let me short the question… Is it possible to continue with 10 users permanently forever?


Can you please read my previous answers thoroughly.
Short answer is yes, with limitations due to free plan.

Plus, please read this article that describes app behavior with prototype app:

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