Numbering questions


I have a table with 30 questions and I would like to display the current number e.g. 1, 2,30, beside each question when showing it. The issue is this list is editable. So if I have a column and have numbers 1 to 30 in the column and then a user deletes e.g. row 15, and adds a new row, then I will have numbers 1-14, 16-31 numbers which is not what I want.

I can do this using a workflow rule and google script, and anytime a user adds or deletes an entry have the script regenerate the numbers, however I was hoping there was an easier way directly in appsheet. Note the number doesn’t have to be saved in the database, I just need the current index for each entry. Is there some context variable that I can access for this?


I’m confused. It’s not clear to me if you your numbering is for column’s or rows. Also you said

“… then a user deletes e.g. row 15, and adds a new column…”

A user of the App cannot Add or delete Columns

Can you try to explain in a different way?

Hi Simon,

sorry, I mean adds a new row, not column. I will edit it.


I’m not sure that possible, at least not easily. Appsheet only has functions for finding the top and bottom values in a list


This would create you a list of relevant row numbers in order assuming [user] inital value was UserEmail()

Sounds like you need to use

Hi Simon,

thanks for you’re reply. Looks like I’ll have to do it a different way then, or just give up on numbering the questions.


Hi @Stephen_Monaghan,

Please explore if creating a VC for the question numbers with an expression something like below helps


Since the count is based on VC and needs to update based on added or deleted questions by the user, the count refreshes once the add or delete question ( or row) operation is synced by the app.

You may need to add suitable additional conditions in the above expressions-for example if there is one test possible on a day , then [Date] qualifier may need to be added. If there can be two tests possible on a day then [Test Number] qualifier and so on.

Hope this helps.

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This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.

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Hi @Stephen_Monaghan

Thank you for the update. Good to know the expression works as you wanted.