Nursing Homes


So I’m in early discussion setting up something in the state of Delaware to help seniors in nursing homes. So COVID-19 is really dangerous in a nursing home, and most seniors have been confined to their rooms for most of the day. They are trying to reduce their exposure because if a case breaks out in a home, it could be devastating. Sadly, I think these seniors will be in this situation till a vaccine is developed.

A friend and I came up with an idea where we’re looking to get the seniors Tablets, and make it easy for them to video chat with their friends and family. A lot of them have problems with technology. I’m not sure the best way to make this easy for them to use, and how do we input the data for friends and family for them.

On the hardware part, I know we’ve reached out to the lobbyists from Google and Facebook to see if they’d donate a few tablets, but I’m wondering if there is anyone at Appsheet that might have a contact to help with that too.

It’s a really early idea, but these poor seniors have sadly become prisoners in their nursing home. Let me know your ideas.



I face the same problem with my mom, something i thought about is that elderly people are in a way similar to young kids, they need the basics of use by a laptop, as you said, just use it for video chats. There is a company called COMFY that create keyboards for kids. Why not addopt the same concept for older people, a simple to use laptop with few buttons.
Another way would be perhaps, a way for the family member to remote setup the laptop as the laptop boots up.

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I made an app for my mum a couple of years ago when her sight was not very good. The app was great with big fonts etc but her laptop became a problem when she had trouble seeing the on button and the keyboard. I am looking to find a better system to run the app on that she an navigate easily.

I’m not sure how to do it yet. I was thinking that I might use Appsheet to build a contact list, and maybe use the gallery view to show pictures and names of their loved ones. I’m not sure how to do it yet, but it would be nice if by touching the picture, it would start up a video call app.

I’m also thinking that I might try to create a second app that could have their loved ones enter contact information in for them, to bring down the technology hurdle.

Still sort of rolling around in my head.

What I think would be really neat is if they could all just have Google Home’s in their rooms, with the information set up for them. So they could just call people through that, or get the weather etc… just by talking to the system.