O365 Excel vs Google Sheet use

My experience with o365 is that the excel sheet gets locked when someone is working on it, whereas for Google sheets, it works for multiple users trying to change the same Google sheet at the same time. Is this something that other users experience too?

Does the performance on o365 excel for concurrent users improve with pro or business licence?

This is a known issue with O365/Excel.

I believe it’s a limitation of O365/Excel, and independent of AppSheet. I don’t think anything changes with other AppSheet plans.

I would suggest removing sheet access for all users, and adding additional table views to your app.

Any user could easily break the app just by having the sheet open and accidentally tapping the keyboard with the wrong cell selected. It doesn’t take much to break the app, and regular app users should not have that opportunity.


Thank you for sharing your authoritative views on this. Much appreciated :blush:

Just to be very sure, the experience with @GreenFlux (and the rest is), AppSheet apps is stable with o365 excel as the data source if we lock all access directly to the specific o365 excel as the datasource right?

Yep. Google Sheets may offer better performance, though.


Got it. Thank you @Steve :blush:

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