Obtain value based on two other columns

This may be easy, but I am struggling with it. I want to lookup a value based on two other column values. Example:

Column 1 Coumn 2 Column 3
23 Red ABC
45 Blue XYZ

So, I want to use Column 1 = “23”, Column 2 = “Red”, and get a return value of “ABC”



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See also: AND(), ANY(), SELECT()

Thanks @LeventK and @Steve !

I also need to refer to columns in another table and check them against data in my current record. Here is what i have, but I get an error on the AND. I suspect it is my syntax for referring to the other table?:

ANY(SELECT(‘Other Table’[Column3],AND(‘Other Table’[Column1]=[_THISROW].[Column5],‘Other Table’[Column2]=[_THISROW].[Column6])))

Error: Condition AND(“Other Table”, “Other Table”) has an invalid structure: subexpressions must be Yes/No conditions

I did save myself some grief by removing the spaces in the secondary table name. This has revealed that i do not know how to refer to other columns in my current record/compariung a list value to a number.

Current state:


Error: Cannot compare List with Number in (OtherTable[Column1] = [Key].[Column1])

Within a SELECT() row-match expression, you don’t need to specify the table name if referring to the table the SELECT() is being used on:

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Steve - Thanks! That did the trick!

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