Obvious bug - Deck, Gallery view to show phot...

(tsuji koichi) #1

Obvious bug - Deck, Gallery view to show photo

I have simple table to test app behaviour.

[Plain Photo] (Image Type), [Drawing] (Drawing type & initial value = [Plain Photo]), [Plain or Annotation] (Enum - either “Plain” or “Annotation” with initial value “Plain”)

Those are physical column and I made virtual column with expression of IF([Plain or Annotation]=“Plain”, [Plain Photo],[Drawing]) - Column name is [Photo]

When user opens new forms, then take a picture to fill [Plain Photo] by default. Then user wants to add annotation, then toggle to “Annotation” from “Plain” then, [Plain Photo] is hid and [Drawing] pop up to start drawing on the picture they take.

This work flow works fine and perfect. Virtual column also shows either Plain Photo or Drawing based on the selection.

Firstly created Deck View. Primal header is set to “Photo” (vc).

When i view data from table, VC captures correct images, so I expected it is true on Deck View, but showing nothing when I set to “Annotation”, while the images appears for pic which was set to “Plain”.

Same story on Gallery view. No image appears for image files set as “Annotation”

I go to the detail view and it captures the correct image for all.

I do believe this is obviously bug.

Could someone appsheet have a quick look?

I can share my app - PhotoTest-539559

Thank you for your cooperation and investigation into the case.

(tsuji koichi) #2

Slight correction. Actually, detail view does not pick up image neither.

When i test another thing, i.e. workflow, it did work, template captures images (VC) correctly. So apparently on the backend, VC picks up the right path of images correctly, but on the frontend, deck, detail and gallery, table view, all failed to pick up image file.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

@tsuji_koichi Hi Koichi, I believe the problem is in the column “Photo”. This column currently has this Show_If constraint:

[Plain or Annotation]=“Plain”

This means that when [Plain or Annotation] is “Annotation”, the column will not be visible and thus will not show up in any of the app views. To fix this problem, you can simply remove this Show_If constraint.

(tsuji koichi) #4

@Harry Hi Nguyen, this is my big shame. Yes indeed. Thank you for your advice. Was not a bug, but my simple overlook. Thanks again.