Occupation rate by day

Can someome please help me ? trying to create a report on that show me the occupation rate by day.
Have a table that contain [IN] (date) and [OUT] date for the customers to fill in.
However we do have limited rooms availible so I need to create a report that show me by day the occupation.
Can this be done in appsheet or should I try to do this in google sheet and link it to the tables in appsheet

Hi @Alberto_Cova

Yes it can be done with AppSheet.
Please have a look here (3rd and 5th example)

And additional resources for your need, because you will probably want to build a select expression to make your calculations per day:


Hi Thanks for the reply .
Or I can not find the answer as mention or I did not explain my question correctly.
Client 1 from 1 jan till 2 Jan
Client 2 from 5 jan till 6 Jan
Client 3 from 4 jan till 7 Jan

The report should display

Date Count availible rooms (17-Count)
1 Jan 1 16
2 Jan 1 16
3 Jan 0 17
4 Jan 1 16
5 Jan 2 15
6 Jan 2 15
7 Jan 1 16


You’ll need a sheet that has the list of days, then COUNT(SELECT(Reservations[any column], AND([IN]>[thisrowdate], [OUT]<[thisrowdate])). This would tell you how many reservation there are for a date.

that formula will need cleaning but it should be what you need in a view and then you can schedule a bot to email you the contents of that table at your need.

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OK Thanks I believe this make sense will try to work this out later today

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