OCR 2nd top trending search and its still in BETA?

Hey Appsheet, you have identified OCR as the second most highest searched feature? Why is it still in BETA and essentially unsupported? Its one of THE most powerful tools for business automation. When can we see it in full production. Its an awesome tool. PLEASE CONSIDER.

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I would guess that it is still in beta because of the difficulty of it and to limit the developer’s expectation. If it is not in beta, developers would think that it must work 100% all of the time but in reality that is not how OCR works. The developer has to be very clear about the templates that they use and the image quality must also be consistent and many other things. There are so many things that can cause this to not work perfectly and it is good to have the developer’s mindset primed with the idea that this might take some trial and error to get it to work.