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Hi, I’m trying to make an OCR tool that reads a name from a form. So far when I’ve tried to create an OCR model, it never works quite right. It tells me it’s unable to create an OCR model or that it only uses the first ten samples I give it and it doesn’t seem to be able to adequately find where on the form the Name is (even though the form is consistent).
I tried another solution where I have another column that is just the raw OCRTEXT from the image and maybe extracting the name somehow out of here but I don’t really know how to pull that off yet? I’m thinking something like, Extract text Between “First Name” and “Last Name”.
Anyway, does anyone have any advice oh how to optimize the OCR or OCR Model?

Hi there,
I did similar test like yours, but I concluded that I will hold off production app with OCR feature until it gets more advanced.
For instance, we are currently impossible to direct Appsheet OCR mode which part of template the Appsheet should read and convert to text/strings etc.

My understanding is Appsheet Dev team is working on it to bring the better features.


Understood. It’d be really cool to just be able to drag a box over the field you want it to look in to help it along too. It’s a super neat feature and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Let s wait and see with hope.

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Hi @Luke_Vancleave, could you send the details of your issue to support@appsheet.com? It would be helpful if you made a copy of the app where this isn’t working so one of our devs can experiment with it. Also, make sure to enable support access to your account under the Settings tab. https://www.appsheet.com/Account/Account Thanks!

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