OCR detection with XY Coordinates

Using the Google Cloud Vision API and Integromat we are able to extract Text / Number from an image and add XY Pins automatically.

You will get something like this without any manual work:

How it’s done:

I would like to use this directly in AppSheet.

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That’s awesome!

You know, I have a solution that I need to implement this for. I should try and get it done this week. @Martin_Pace feel like helping me get this put together. AI fun!

If I run into any issues I might need your help.

I’ve been taking with @tony about this for the last few months.

I’m happy to help @Grant_Stead but I’m sure that I could learn a lot also from you. :slight_smile: So please feel free to share what you have found out. You can send it also to wapplabor@gmail.com

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@Fabian That’s a really cool demo! I will circulate this with the team.


Thank you @tony

By the way: the exact same thing is also possible with PDF files, using the Detect text in files (PDF/TIFF) API which is also available in Integromat.

Unfortunately when using the DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION type, you can only get the full text per-page, or the individual symbols. (not every single word, but every single character)
That’s why you have to put together again all the symbols into words.
It’s doable, but requires a bit more work.

Another solution in Integromat would be:

  1. Convert the PDF into JPG (you can convert also multi page PDF files!)
  2. Extract the OCR with the Detect text in images API like in the first Post
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