OCR Find Record

If I have a table containing vehicle registration numbers or license plates, how easy would it be using OCR to find a record in the table by taking an image of the said license plate… That would be massive in my project?


It should work fine


Hi @Dave_Willett Seems to work OK with the license plates I tried it with. I didnt do many as I was having trouble with my camera at the time. My camera is now working again so will be doing some more soon.


Hi Lynn. I would love to know how you set this up, it would give me a real head start.

Kind regards

Hi @Dave_Willett Just in case you havent already, check out these docs. If you need any help check back. I will check my sample app tomorrow.


Hi Lynn
I never got back to this. I have tried to setup a template this morning using 4 license plates off vehicles. I get errors trying to train the template, ‘cannot download images’ Have you come across this before? How did your app turn out?