OCR function not reading

Just checking if there are any issues with the OCR models. I have trained the app and the patterns are all as I want them. The images show the respective column areas correctly, however when I use the app and take an image the data is not populating into the related fields.
Am I missing a step somewhere?
Many Tx for any guidance.

Not reading at all, or it is filling to some fields, but not for some other fields?

Hi and thanks for responding. No fields are filling at all.

I would say OCR model is bit buggy , Appsheet team should be working on it for improvement, also with additional new features.


I sent a request to support yesterday so hoping to hear back soon.
Its been sitting in Beta for a long time now having had plenty of intetest initially.

Wonder why no solid movement to full priduction as it is a very handy feature.

Thanks for your help.

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Sure, thank you. Will see.