OCR Model Question

Hello All,

I Have a question about OCR,

If I have an Invoice with 2 Columns, Product and Amount, Amount being the amount of product,

How would this work with OCR if there are multiple Line Items? Will it automatically recognize it needs to put amount and quantity beside each other is I have a trained model? not to sure how to go about this.

Hi @Jonathan_S. If I understand correctly, you’d like to be able to extract a collection of line items from an invoice, presumably having each line item stored in a separate row. Unfortunately, OCR doesn’t work with that scenario. OCR can only pick out a fixed number of fields and fill out a single row.

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Something that will be implemented in the Feature? Or you dont have plans for it?

@Jonathan_S We don’t have plans to address this concern specifically, but we’re investigating ways to improve AppSheet’s document understanding capabilities.

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OK, Looking forward to some releases. If anyone else has some workaround for something related to what I’m looking for please let me know,