OCR : Optical Character Recognition

(Jessy Mrozowski) #1

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Just wondering if it’s possible to add in an OCR script from google scripts? Could be very useful if a client wants to scan all their documents that have consistent fields. Receipts for writing off expenses, Capturing client information from a drivers license, Converting bank statements to an excel file / sheet, etc.

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(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

There are some free and paid REST API services that offer OCR services. It’s possible to create a standalone google apps script, publishing it as a web-app and using its URL as a webhook endpoint with a workflow which will POST the image you have taken and create an OCR and download it to your drive.

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(Jan Halsema) #3

The Scandit API appsheet uses has optional support for OCR, I agree it would be very beneficial to our workflow if we would be able to use OCR to fill in fields, and be able to control if what is scanned is valid via an appsheet formula or regular expression.

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