OCR Recognition Return Row

Hi Guys, I asked this before but didn’t really get to the bottom of what I needed, I think there were a couple of bugs in the new OCR module.

So what I am hoping for is to search a record using OCR.
We are a vehicle repairer and we turn out some 100 + vehicles per week. I have views already set up to show vehicles in progres, due in, etc etc.

It would be fantastic to be able to scan a number (Registration) plate and return the record (row) which matches the image taken.

Has anyone done this before, is it available as an example APP? Any help would make a massive difference in our day to day operation.

Kind Regards

Have you tested this sample app…


Hi Aleksi, yes thanks for that. The app will extract the text and add it to a row.
But how do we use the OCR as a search tool?

Kind Regards

You could create a small Dashboard view with a quick editable field and then use the result for searching with the slice.