OCR Text cannot accurately render sideways images

Until I got the last iOS update it wasn’t a problem for me to upload an image with the right orientation. I’m trying to have it read an electric bill and it was working great until the newest update made every image go sideways and now it’s totally useless for me.

Any idea if this would still be a problem if I set up the intelligence ocr slice instead of just using the ocrtext function?

What about uploading an image from a file column?

It’s really disappointing because this is the best feature of my app and the first view. I really want to use this. I might just have to resort to an external ocr rendering service with Zapier… but I really wish this could get fixed or at least allow for the user to adjust the orientation…

I should note that this does work in the app but not in the browser which is the only way it will be accessed for my users.