OCRText() inplementation

Hello Everyone,

Playing around with OCR Text, could be very useful.

How Im planning to use it is the user will input a field what the correct in-print should be from the inline printer on the production line, they than need to take a snapshot of the item.
I then want to use OCRText() to see if the text extracted contains what the user inputted it should be.

Works very Well, it is extracting everything, just 1 problem.

User Puts that the in-print should be the following

December 12, 2021
Made in Canada

The above gets extracted from the image, but sometimes there are other items in between the 2 lines. I’m using contains.

What is the best way to see if the image contains all of the above words? Don’t have to be in the exact order?

As long as the method works to validate any text, does not need to be in correct order. Just the words themselves.


Hi @Jonathan_S, could you use the CONTAINS function? Something like CONTAINS([Text Column], "December")

You could also extract dates using the EXTRACTDATES() function.

I tried the contains, thing is, OCR is picking up other text as well, So its all in there just not in the perfect order. So I just need to varifiy that the individual words have been printed. It is not always a date, and sometimes the customer wants date in brackets etc, so this wont work.

Any Ideas? :frowning: