OCRTEXT not working on mobile

Hi All,
I have used multiple rows that supposed to capture text from image. When I use the app on my pc and use the existing image it can extract the number or text.
I don’t seem to make it work in my iPad.

Any solution on this please.


Hi @reggieneo! Are you receiving any error messages or having difficulty taking images?

Hi Jennifer,
No I don’t. It just doesn’t show anything.

please see image . It supposed to capture the text or numbers as my pc is doing when I’m uploading it.


Hi All,
Can anyone assist on this please?

Hi @reggieneo Could you please add some more information? For example screenshots from the column structure and the expressions you are using.

The only thing that comes in my mind: OCR will not work without internet connection.

I was in front of my PC connected with my internet when i am testing both my pc and mobile one after another. sure there is internet connection.
the OCRTEXT works when i am extracting text from existing image in my G drive using PC. but when mobile/ipad , no error and just nothing.

i removed it and just it with getting the previous value instead.

It’s really strange. Signature is not working either. What am I doing wrong here?

Somebody please assist.
Please see image of OCR TEXT

and image of Signature

Im also facing the same issue.

Its workging on my PC but when testing on mobile device, its not working

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

Hi @Durgesh_Shirsath have you solved your OCR problem? I see the same thing: On PC the expression OCRTEXT([Image_Column]) is working. On mobile it’s working only if I take an image from the gallery. It’s not working if I take an image with the camera.