OCRTEXT not working on mobile

Hi All,
I have used multiple rows that supposed to capture text from image. When I use the app on my pc and use the existing image it can extract the number or text.
I don’t seem to make it work in my iPad.

Any solution on this please.


Hi @reggieneo! Are you receiving any error messages or having difficulty taking images?

Hi Jennifer,
No I don’t. It just doesn’t show anything.

please see image . It supposed to capture the text or numbers as my pc is doing when I’m uploading it.


Hi All,
Can anyone assist on this please?

Hi @reggieneo Could you please add some more information? For example screenshots from the column structure and the expressions you are using.

The only thing that comes in my mind: OCR will not work without internet connection.

I was in front of my PC connected with my internet when i am testing both my pc and mobile one after another. sure there is internet connection.
the OCRTEXT works when i am extracting text from existing image in my G drive using PC. but when mobile/ipad , no error and just nothing.

i removed it and just it with getting the previous value instead.

It’s really strange. Signature is not working either. What am I doing wrong here?

Somebody please assist.
Please see image of OCR TEXT

and image of Signature