OCRTEXT() vs comma ( , )

Actually, my bad. It will save the comma to your sheet. It’s more than just a display issue.


It looks like Text columns replace newlines with spaces in most cases. Text inputs are supposed to be a short, single line of text. However, when updated from a formula, Text inputs would replace commas with spaces—I’ve put in a change to make it so they replace commas with spaces to be consistent. If you want to preserve newlines from your OCRTEXT, you should use LongText.


Hi @tony. I found another “bug”:

The OCRTEXT() Column is with Type “Text”.
When SHOW is enabled, it produces Text without NewLines.
When SHOW is disabled, it produces LongText with NewLines.

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Thanks for raising that point. Does the problem still happen if you use LongText?

If I use LongText, it creates LongText with NewLines. That’s okay.
But in the case I’ve described, I use Text that is handeled as LongText.