Office Hours 11/26/2019

UPDATE: The video has been added below. Please note that due to technical difficulties the video is audio only for the first few minutes.

Join us Tuesday morning at 9AM PT for the next Office Hours . In addition to your live questions, we’ll try to address a few topics below. (Register even if you can’t attend but would like a recording emailed to you)

**Features to Discuss:**

*UX Q&A with a few members of our engineering team

  • Calendar views
  • Printing

If you have any additional questions you’d like answered, please leave them in the thread below. We’ll do our best to answer all them.

See you soon!

Can’t see the chat box for gotowebinar. Can someone forward the reference being referred to regarding printing?

Reposting this here @Daisy_Ramirez for future reference. tps://

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I just recieved an E-Mail for the recording of this week’s Office Hours.
But in fact it links me to the one from October 15.

The email was auto-sent from the system we had issues from today. We’re currently editing the recording and will post it here once it’s available.

Additionally, if anyone has a webinar system that they enjoy using I’d love to hear your suggestions. We’ve encountered a handful of issues with what we currently use and would like to deliver a better experience for you all. Thanks is advance!

@Fabian I just to a look at the video that had been sent out and it is indeed for todays session. The edited version will be going up later today.

plse post the link of the Nov webinar here , not yet received the nov recording email, the current link in email takes to Oct recording.

@Thomas_Varghese video has been embedded above. Enjoy!