Office hours: AppSheet Automation edition

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us today!

This special Office Hours focused on AppSheet Automation and featured product lead @prithpal and document processing expert Darko to discuss the latest release while walking through a demo. Please continue to post your questions below.


Can anyone please tell me what time this is at in UK time zone?


Can’t access Webinar link

Can’t get into the webinar!

Me neither

Same here.

Same. Can’t access it

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same here

The link in the reminder email appears broken. Here is the link I from the registration screen. I could use it to join.

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Can we create an event that isn’t related to CRUD operations or data? Like when “x” button is pressed, trigger “y” process.

Can you create telepathically controlled events that trigger peoples’ actions?

This would be an app people would pay for! And if they don’t think so … repeat from step 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you guys for a great presentation and for all the hard work with these changes. I know they must be challenging

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What would happen if I make bots that can’t ever finish by accident? How long would they stay in waiting? I made a bot that waits till “false=true” and I know something like that is exaggerated but accidentally getting to that state could happen.

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Thanks @JCadence for today.
One suggestion is I (we?) prefer to see and join the webiner not on the current platform , we prefer the old ones (GoToMeeting…) During the session, i could find myself hard to post the qustion. I see the few response, but it was short live. Before I read , they are gone. The sessoin completely closed. No automated email was coming in to see what sort of questions I acutally made and response made by your good team neither.

Also we hope to be shared with the material (presentation sheet) used for todays seminar as well.



I agree @tsuji_koichi. The way ON24 handles the questions is very non-collaborative and does not prevent duplication or allow building on others ideas.

But… thanks as always for all the hard work to engage your audience. It’s not trivial to set things like this up and spend the effort - so just want you to know that all the hard work is really appreciated!!

Side note: Google Meet has scaled to larger audiences so might actually want to try that? disclaimer: we are a Google shop (oh… and you guys are too!) :slight_smile:


Couple notes:

It appears that the platform we use for our webinars has a known bug of broken links in reminder emails. I filed an additional ticket, hoping that it is resolved before the next one to avoid this issue.

I will be posting the video as soon as it’s done processing for those that were unable to access it.


Добрый день.
Не владею в достаточной мере английским. Возможно ли получить текстовую запись этого значимого события? И Google translate мне поможет ))
С уважением

Its our pleasure, and please keep the questions coming. Together we will make this even better.

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