Office hours: AppSheet Automation edition

It’s set to 30 days (fixed) currently, please see the help article (Maximum length of time a process can be suspended). In future we plan to make this setting configurable.


Office hours video link is posted at the top.


Thanks @JCadence

I made a Blog post based on the content of the webinar that you published.
Sorry, it’s in Japanese only.がついにga(正式リリース)!

The number of visits to my blog has been increasing right after I posted it, and I feel that many people are interested in AppSheet Automation!




This is the picture we draw with @Takuya_Miyai in terms of full picture of Automation based on our understandings thus far. Sort of Birds eye view to see how bot is constructed and how each component interact with others.

Hope this would help the global community as well.


Would it be possible to kick something off when bots error or timeout? At the least an audit alert like you can enable for errors.

Not currently, but we are working on adding support for these scenarios. Please stay tuned.

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Hi everyone,

The questions addressed in this webinar that were outstanding have been answered here.


Error in access

@Amal_Mathew the youtube link at the top should have no access issues. Please let us know if the link is not working for you.