Office Hours: April 21st 2020

Hi everyone! Today’s session included the following:

  • Introductions
  • Getting started with AppSheet
    • Essentials of data & UX
  • Preview of New Features
  • Features for Supporting Remote Workers
    • Building intelligent forms (Task Manager)
    • Optimize UX
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Good morning everyone, we’ll be getting started in about 30min - if you have any questions, join us for live Q&A!

Here are a couple sample apps we’ll be exploring:

Task Manager

Ballot Poll

Thank you for listening to users and adding custom primary colors.


For those that are new to the platform, this is a great resource to start.

Is there a way to upgrade your existing unique ID values to the Universally unique ID characters?

@Peter @Rich We’re building an educational app and currently unable to use fullscreen for videos both via YouTube and MP4s. It’s absolutely required since technical info is communicated in the videos and currently isn’t readable even at desktop size since the app form width is fixed. Is there a known workaround for either YouTube or MP4? These threads mention this problem but no resolution so far:

Any updates or workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Is there any reason NOT to use UUID?

Is drawing the best option for recording a signature? For example in delivery application?

In “Recently done” view the just accomplished recursive “Truck maintenance” was not visible? Recursive task is not really creating recursive tasks rather than recursive reminders?

Hi Guys. Sorry for the silly question but I’m struggling with some ref links that I have between tables in my app:

Customers Table where the “Company ID” is the key:


Customer Call table which records contact made with customers such as calls, emails, visits etc. Here I have a “Company ID” column which is my ref to the Customers table. Currently the ref link is working, and form a UI there is an automatic dropdown selection for “Company” which is pulled in through the ref:


Here is a detail view of the formula showing the ref link:


Here is my issue though… when I go into google sheets to view the data created by creating a new customer call the Company ID column and Company column BOTH contain the Company ID as referenced by the Customers table. So my issue is the “Company” column isn’t showing the correct data.

Hi @Rich,

If I use

CONTEXT(“Host”) = “Server”

in Security filters, does that return True for local device/browser or only True when Appsheet server syncs for Workflows / Reports. Say CONTEXT(“Host”) is in a Switch and handling the Browser/Device with a different security filter formula for the user.

yes that should only pull data if its running a workflow or report. Mobile devices will not pull the data.


What is the initial value you have set for the [Company] column?

In “Recently done” view the just accomplished recursive “Truck maintenance” was not visible? Recursive task is not really creating recursive tasks rather than recursive reminders?

Yes you are correct, what Peter demoed was essentially a task whose column due date updates when marked complete.

If you wanted to do actually recurring tasksvyou would need to setup a schedule report that would run at a set schedule to generate more records into the future.

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Upgrading existing unique IDs to Universally unique ID characters

You can use this formula in your Spreadsheet.

=ArrayFormula(CONCATENATE(DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$8); 15)) ;"-" ;DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$4); 15)) ;"-" ;DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$4); 15)) ;"-" ; DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$4); 15)); “-”; DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$4); 15)); “-”; DEC2HEX( RANDBETWEEN( 0ROW(YY$1:YY$12); 15))) )


Is this still going on?

I’d like help with how AppSheet populates data in my spreadsheet. I would like location names to be entered row by row instead of all being entered in one cell separated by commas.

Thanks for your help Rich!


Morning folks - updated this thread with the recording from Tuesday’s session, let us know if you have any follow up questions.

thanks. this is very useful :blush:

@Mark_Corrigan Did you figure out a workaround to have full size video?