Office Hours: April 7th 2020

Thank you for joining us today! This week we spent some time covering some of the following:

  • Getting started with AppSheet
  • Supporting Remote Workers
    • Adapting apps for mobile, tablet or browser use
    • Using notifications to keep users connected
    • Create Google Docs from actions
  • Q&A

Continue to post your questions below and we’ll answer as many as we can.

Thanks for joining us!

I am trying to make an action to change a value in multiple lines in one go.
my scenario is something like.
a Table with Fx. Companies that have a ref to employees
I want to set the fiels [lunch] for all employees in company ABC that work in HR to “Free”

is there a way to do that?

Hi! If I need to recalculate/update the data in the data source based on the new input for UX, what would be the best way to do that? Should I try to do all the calculations in the Appsheet and then update the data source or in primaly in the datasource?

For example, I have hourly rate and hours and I have logged into datasource many separate hours and respective fees calculated based on time spent and hourly rate. If I then retrospectively would like to change the hourly rate from certain date onwards, what would be the best way to do that, so that I could show correct cumulative amount year-to-date?

I can do translation for the COVID-19 community into Finnish for Finland.

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I can do translation for the COVID-19 community into Danish


Can users just use their regular email address to access the application/data, or do they have to have a gmail account (if the data is in Google Sheets/Google Drive)? What about if the data is sitting in Dropbox, do the users have to have a dropbox account?

I can do translations to Spanish, Italian and Igbo (a Nigerian language)


If you would roll-out such an app in the neighborhood what would be the cost attached?
Let’s say a few hundred users.

Here’s the Google Docs topics @Peter referenced today

I could help with Dutch.


I can help with french!

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Hi @Manny_San_Pedro, welcome! The auth process for your app users is independent from the data source(s) of your app. You can specify the auth provider in the Users section of the editor (there are also integrations with AWS Cognito and Okta if you need to customize):

I could not attemps to the Webinar but watching right now!
I can also help to translate this awesome app in French language and in Brazilian Portugues l if you need!!

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Awesome! Thanks so much @Romain!

hi @Peter , it is written Create Google Docs from actions

Does it mean that from an appsheet.action it is possible to create a Google Doc?
i’ve only seen that it is possible from appsheet.workflow.
if yes, can you send us a link about how to do that

in Google Docs & Data Tricks the links doesn’t work


These links are just shortcut URLs that can be linked from an app (unfortunately not a workflow process yet for generating a new doc). The simplest form of these is including links like ‘’ or ‘’ as Action URLS in your apps.

I already started with the spanish translation. But I found in the data folder a sheet called “Requests” with a language tab. Is this tab someway automatically applying translations? Why is that tab there?

What I´m doing now is using the DISPLAY entry to change every word I found. Am I doing it ok?

Hi, one question about security.
Is there a way for a user to find the sheet that is keeping the data?
I´m asking because I want to be sure about security, and that no user can access the complete users data, and compromise personal data.

No, user can only use the data through the app.

Hi everyone. I think I “broke” the app while trying to generate a spanish translation. Now when I try to generate a new copy I get a “you don´t have permission to clone the app”.
What must I do? Thanks!
I´m trying to get this working in two or three places in Argentina, but I need to translate everyting before.