Office Hours: August 13th

Thank you to all who joined us for this session. We covered the following topics:

  • Product updates
  • Working with expressions (add those you’d like covered below)
  • Q&A and more!

A few helpful links mentioned:

Join AppSheet at Next OnAir Watch a previous session or join us during the week of September 7th.
Podcast alert: The Power of no-code development featuring Praveen Seshadri and Vikas Anand

Chrome expression extension


Question for discussion, or maybe you can help beforehand. I am designing a simple library type app for my wife’s book club. I am very new to AppSheet, but have some experience in web and software design, so I understand the fundamentals of databases, functions, logical operators etc. BTW, I am in South Africa so I am 9 hours ahead of you and will be looking forward to joining you at 6pm CAT.

How do I add a drop-down list to an action such as check out/reserve (drop-down list of the members names so that I can select the person to whom the book is check out or reserved)? In other words, how do I initiate a 2-step process to complete the action?


Yet carry out the hands-on testing, but new integration with Apigee sounds another game changers. Appreciate if you briefly give a quick induction in terms of what sort of new stuffs we are able to achieve with it.

Hello, I’m grateful for the webinar ,i have the following questions:

Are we going to have the option to customize URL in the web enviroment?

Will we have the option to process payment from within the apps ?

Will the subscription contract change now with Appsheet Google?

The registration button is not working for me. Can I get a link to get into the Office hours session.

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@Kwan can you share a screen shot of what you’re experiencing? The email with link takes some time to trigger.

Hello. I’m creating a TV Guide-esque feature where people can search and click on live services.

I only want events (relevant links) in realtime and future events to show with corresponding times. Of course what shows would be specific to their time zone. Help?

When I click the Register button on this page, then nothing happens.

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Please check your email, the webinar is not hosted on the sign up page.

Hello, I have signed up for the webinar but haven’t received any email yet.

Hi @Jessica_O The email containing the link takes a bit of time to generate. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

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Any documentation link on Integration APIGEE as datasource with AppSheet

hello, i have signed up to the webinar but haven’t received any email yet.

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Jennifer, I never received the email. Is it possible to share a link to the recorded session? Thanks.


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Each session is recorded and posted within 24 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.


The link below is the app we used and modified during today’s office hours on all things “Expressions”. In conjunction with the video recording we hope this will be of some use for the community. Thank you!

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For those who signed up to the session, but did not receive the email back for access link to the webiner, it is possible the email is pushed into junk email box on your email folder, which actually happens to me. I suspect it is same story for those who did not see it.

How is the global data sheet related/linked to the rest of the sheet data? I didn’t notice any ref columns.

I have same question. I looked at the you tune video on Expressions. Very good session.