Office Hours: August 25th

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this edition of Office Hours. We discussed the following:

  • Announcements and new features
  • Data bases and connectors (featuring a demo of Apigee + AppSheet connector)
  • Q & A and more

Here’s a quick link to the survey mentioned.

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Post your follow up questions below, we’ll see you at the next session!

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Hi Jennifer,

I have been working on appsheet for sometime now. I am having difficulty while using some of the features of appsheet. I have a publisher pro account but would like to discuss how to move forward to a business account. I already have a few local businesses who are interested to move forwards and launch their applications. Please let me know how to proceed with this request.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Is it posible to limit users to edit their own rows, but have read only on all data?

@Bart_Zaayman You might find these a very helpful start.

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I have few issues i would like to be addressed:

  1. Web app refresh - As many use appsheet for field inspections, the managers in the office need to informed of and track the field operations. If the web app user has to manualy refresh every few minutes they simply won’t do that.
  2. Another aaproach would be to send a push notification to the web app screen and when clicked would refresh
    3.update existing row - it has been requested here before, the ability to update a record based on a change in another table



Can we control if time entry is manual or supported with a time entry widget for those entering time? It seems that when accessing the app on my computer and entering time the widget is activated prompting for hours, minutes and seconds along with an option for PM or AM. While entering time over the phone is a manual process. Is there a way to control this option?

I am hoping you will address this in today’s Office Hours… I will be watching as APPSheet is a critical part of our everyday operations.


Ryan Fuselier

Can you please add the entire domain to the New Editor Beta

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Does Twilio work outside the US?

Speed of sync
SQL data source Vs. Appigee data source?


I have a case scenario where I would like to store documents onto S3 from the app and then send an email to the user with link to this S3 location to download the files. What are the best ways to troubleshoot such an arrangement in the case that I am not able to locate the saved files in the folder path set…? Can the app logs give me information regarding this…?

“Simple” Security filters for SQL data sources are usually queried on the DB, how does the API work with security filters?
Has Data partitioning been tested with Appigee sources?
Thank you for this info!

I wish to be early tester for new Googles style editor. kindly add
thank you.

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@JCadence @Scott_Haaland

Thanks for both of you.

As I suspected, integration wiht Apigee will be perfect Game Changer for Appsheet, to expand the usage and functionalities to the unlimiated use cases.

Thanks again.

Not sure if this link is visible for everyone.

Im pretty much new to Apigee, as I ve never used before. I checked Youtube for Apigee, but it is bit complicated and not fit to me to learn essential and skills which is required to integrate with appsheet.

Again, not sure if this will help to solve my problem, but looks at least it will help to understand the basic of Apigee in a compacted session.

It will be tomorrow!

@1111 thanks for the feedback. These sound a bit like feature requests, would you mind sharing these in the feature request category?

Hi @Ryan_F! I want to make sure I’m understanding your question correctly- you are saying that the end user experience is different on desktop and mobile where mobile is asking for a manual entry while desktop is auto-populating. Is that an accurate representation of the question?

@Grant_Stead tagging @Scott_Haalandas he can better answer this for you.

Yes the mobile user has to manually enter his time vs. having the time widget prompt him for hour, minute and second as well as pm or am. This pops up on the desktop interface but no longer pops up in the mobile experience. This function did work some days back and was just brought to my attention by my mobile users. I was looking for some type of setting or trigger in the development side that could have been modified that changed this experience but no joy. It was also pointed out that after time was entered if needed to be edited it was then displayed in the app as 24 hour time rather than the 12 hour time in which it was entered.

Hope you can help.


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