Office Hours: February 11, 2020

The sample application used to demonstrate approval workflows is available here to view or copy. (This app requires logging in to work properly - to start customizing it and testing the workflows, first change the sample data to match emails you have access to.)

Other questions? Add them here and we’ll try to answer throughout.

How will you be affected by the google acquisition? If I start using an app that is an integral part of my company, will I have to worry that my app will not work in a couple years?

Here’s the design article mentioned today

Will we be seeing deeper integration with Google Sheet or Google docs? Performance, features other Google cloud services?

Hi sir how I can creat an app like uber

I am trying to create an app that logs customers on a map. Is it possible to cluster those customers and total up their sales numbers on a map? I.e. showing where my business is concentrated?

How did you have the thumbnail picture show in Requested By: Field along with the name? I am using an Enum field with a validate if populated on another table to reference the list of names. Staff[Name].

Update: How did you have it show when creating in the form view.

Will there be a way to have auto refresh in a dashboard view? Currently, there is a sync every 30 minutes. Even if there were only few views within the dashboard that can refresh that would be great.

Will you comment about changes in business model due Google acquisition? for example, will AppSheet become part of G Suite Business and Enterprise as App Maker?

Is it possible to change the box text and button name when a button is clicked

Can you talk about how to build an expression in the behavior?

How can I have fields show up based on the condition of another field?

Example: I want to have certain fields show based on the value of an enum list of “Report Type”

I am looking to incorporate a type of vlookup/validation into a AppSheet form that starts by entering a large number (24 characters from an RFID tag), the focus jumps to the next field where the app looks into the Google Sheet table to determine if this entry is actually in the table and is associated with a product and/or an attendee. If the character string is in the table, then a checkbox would show a “Check” as a “Yes” validation. If not in the system, the app would force the cursor back into the previous field indicating a re-scan. The motivation is that often the speed of the scan by the operator can sometimes only capture a portion of the code. The full app objective is to replicate this again in the same form with another scan that reads another tag and then looks into a different Google Sheets table to confirm or not the second scan. If both scanned entries are valid, the form is submitted to a separate table and it resets to a fresh form to allow for the next entry. The process is highly repetitive and very fast.

Is this possible within the AppSheet build environment?

So because the Requested By field is a Ref column type that refers to the People data, it creates the relationship between the data tables. Then any time i need data from People, [Requested By].[column in People] makes that data available in Requests. Right?

How does one populate the Key field in the spreadsheet with unique values?

Is there an action that allows the user to COPY a string of text or an image to their device’s clipboard, e.g. for pasting in an email or a document they’re working on

will the example app be available somewhere?

Can you show the Request Approved workflow where it checks the conditions (First approval = Y, Escalate = N) how does it check for Escalate = Y, 2nd approval = Y?

The invite for this session says: “Join the AppSheet team to learn the essentials of app creation in AppSheet, discuss popular topics from the community, and to learn more about the recent acquisition of AppSheet by Google Cloud!”. I expected some news about google acquisition.

The invite i got says:
This week at Office Hours we’ll spend time on some higher level topics including:

  • Integrating multiple data sources into a single app
  • Using workflows to build approval processes

Bring your questions about these or any other topics and we’ll also do live Q&A throughout.