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Please share both apps you showed here

@Degert_Botha It’s definitely possible to plot those customers, and ‘cluster’ them with custom format rules indicating higher value concentrations - but it may be difficult to accomplish exactly what you’re describing with their sales numbers on the map. Here’s a simple example of point clustering with format rules.

@RBTAndrade I’m sorry we didn’t get to more details about the acquisition - do you have any specific questions?

@kjhaugh just to reiterate, here’s the expression we mentioned in the webinar: UNIQUEID()

Set that as the ‘Initial Value’ for any column that requires a unique ID, and it will generate, even if the field is hidden.

Yes. I put it in another thread. How will AppSheet integrate with G Suite platform?

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the webinar. You all did a great job.

I tried setting the UNIQUE(ID) but it didn’t work. I must have been doing something wrong.

Thank you though, for responding. I appreciate it.


Ken, to clarify, setting that as the initial value will generate a unique ID for NEW rows of data added through the app, but won’t for existing data in the table.

Hi @Tom

Thank you for your question and we very much understand your concern. I would encourage you to read through the linked note from Amit Zavery for additional information. If you find you have any additional questions we might be able to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

hi not sure if this happens to me only, but your link to url not working.

In the Video Minute 32:31 we see that you are using <<ROW_WEB_LINK>> in your template.
As described here, The record key should be displayed as the link text.
Instead, in the email you receive it says “Click Here”.
How is that possible?

@Fabian I think the difference you’re referring to is between
<<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> (embeds the ‘Click Here’ hyperlink)
<<_ROW_WEB_URL>> (embeds the full URL)

So you should update the help article.
Because there it says:
<<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> : Hyperlink that refers to the added or updated record in your app. For example, you can include this URL in a workflow email to allow the email recipient to easily open the added or updated record. The record key is displayed as the link text.

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Ah, thanks @Fabian - I tweaked it to clarify, hopefully that helps.

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Thanks Peter. Could we localize this “Click Here”?
Perhaps under UX --> Localize?

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Hi, the url link is bad. Do you have the correct one?

Hi all,
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