Office Hours: January 28th, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Join myself and fellow Product Marketing, Chris, on Tuesday, January 28th at 9am PST for the latest edition of office hours.

For this session we’re going to mix things up a bit and focus primarily on answering questions about joining Google Cloud. We will be happy to answer product specific questions you may have as well, but we wanted to give our community a chance to speak with the AppSheet team directly. We may not have an answer for every question, but we will answer what we are able to at this time.

Bring your questions or start adding them here in this thread, and we’ll address them throughout the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

A while back i have used google drive via google script to get driving distance in my app. However, i was not able to use google drive api.
With google cloud would it be possible to have appsheet get driving distance rather than point to point and as an adition, use an api or rather direct charge the user for searches that exceed the daily usage?

We’ll be getting started in just a few moments everyone. Updating settings now

Audio only today?

Audio only today :slight_smile: We had a lot of questions to get through and wanted to ensure that we were able to address them in a timely manner.


Can you please embed the link to the webinar here…

Hi @Thomas_Varghese. Due to the content discussed, information has been changing rapidly. In an effort to avoid misinformation I will be posting questions from our session on this thread rather than the video. Completing the final roundup now and will be posting shortly.


Any discounts on AppSheet envisioned for G Suite customers?

At this time there is no discount for G Suite customers and pricing will remain the same for both G Suite and AppSheet. If you are a current App Maker customer please contact your sales representative for additional information regarding the App Maker to App Sheet transition.

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Any ideas on how Google will promote AppSheet among its existing customers and the masses?

At this time the AppSheet team will continue to promote AppSheet as we have recently on our AppSheet Creator Community, our blog and our newsletter.

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Will the Google Cloud acquisition change Appsheet’s compliance level?

Compliance will continue to be a top priority for AppSheet. As we join the Google Cloud team, we will explore their compliance and regulatory frameworks and make adjustments to align with current practices.

Does this mean AppSheet is HIPAA Compliant? Soc II Type 2? FedRAMP? FERPA?

We have built our platform to be compliant with many global, national, and local regulations. Our level of compliance remains unchanged. If you have any questions about specific regulations, we would be happy to share additional information.

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Any changes or reform for partnership program?

At this time there are no changes to the partnership program.

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Do I need to ask permission from your team to organize a Russian-speaking community.

Great question! At this time there is no need for approval to begin an external community. We are fortunate to have a passionate user base who have created AppSheet communities and training programs globally. The growing community in Indonesia, for example, is a great example of external community development. @tsuji_koichi , who will certainly give a quick hello :slight_smile: , also creates materials in Japanese. If you are in need of any additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Bookings related sample app

Below is an interactive app to look around in. You can copy this app is you like the framework or use it as inspiration to create your own. If you are experiencing difficulty loading this app, please visit this link.

Any easy way of archiving data from a table? Like make an action (button) to archive a eg. a project? Or just hiding it?

I looked through both sample apps and community posts and I believe this to be the most helpful resource to answer the question. Please let us know if you need additional information.

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Will the dev roadmap include integrations into G Suite? If so, are there any specifics we can know? Should we expect real-time data updates, as in Google spreadsheet? Do you plan to add payment button feature into appsheet (API integration to paypal for e.g)? Will you add any integrations like Firebase or tensorflow?

At this time we will continue to improve our AppSheet feature set based on feedback from creators such as yourself. We will post additional information when it becomes available.

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