Office Hours: July 14th, 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined us! In this session, we covered the following:

  • UX View type updates (hint, it’s uncharted territory :wink: )
  • Working with white labeling
  • Q&A and more

Please keep posting your questions below and we look forward to seeing you at our next Office Hours!

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How would I create a white label app and restrict one view to only a few people?

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Is there any progress in creating functionality for embedding charts and graphs in a report, via SNAPSHOT() or by an alternative method?

Is it possible to select the colors in a calendar appointment based on a tag? Right now they are random different colors, I would like to be able to chose the color for each of about 6 different categories.

White labeling : I hope that you will discuss how the reselling workflow should be - how to invoice my customers and where to store customer’s data… in my Google drive or on the customers Google drive.

A card type chart would be awesome, do you have it in the pipe line?

Hi i am new to appsheet, can someone show how i can set the app to match Australian date format. everywhere including searching. Website, link etc.

How will we know when we need to update our white label apps?

Is Mixpanel only available for white label apps only?

I did make a post some months ago about making published apps more affordable for the masses, without the $5 a month current subscription requirement.

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I could also use a something like a Gannt chart for my project manager apps - the calendar view is not a good way of getting an overview (maybe by displaying a Google Form form Sheets)

Quisiera algún plan para aplicaciones que puedan ser usadas por muchos usuarios, hablamos de cientos o miles, pero puede que no todos la usen cada mes.

Will we be seeing hierarchy drill-able based views :slight_smile:

Is it possible to sum some values show in the calendar?

Yes and standard heirarchy functions!

Thanks so much for entertaining us! :stuck_out_tongue:

do you offer these type of webinars during australian time zone. its 2am here at the moment

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Sorry I missed it. Lost track of time. I’ll be looking for the recording.

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Hi @Robert_Heathcote! We’re going to start running our Office Hours Series in the Asia-Pacific region soon. Working on training the team there :slight_smile: