Office Hours: June 16th, 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined this session on working with images and videos in your applications. Have questions or comments about what what we covered? Post a note below.

Our next Office Hours session is taking place on Tuesday, June 30th at 9am PDT and is centered on providing information on what to expect of the platform in the coming months. You can learn more about what we’re working on in this special announcement.

Stay safe everyone and happy app building!

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Can we make Dynamic pictures/information to show for different users…in addition, to get different uploads from different users for the same questions ?

For images to display in an email body why does the column type have be image. Why it does not work when column type is file.

Can you explain how "‘Reset on Edit’ works? I have some difficult to reset “Yes”/“No” button to “Yes” or “No” after use select one of the option.

Please explain again how to sign up for the deep dive session coming next week.

Hi @Ron_Mansolo we’ll be posting that information soon Stay tuned!

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Hello everyone. We showed a few examples in today’s Office Hours (webinar video arriving shortly) and we wanted to make sure you had access to the specific content. So here goes:

  1. We discussed many items around image locations, video URL’s, dynamically driven locations, etc. The app we used is located here:
    (it’s a rough app, you’re just as likely to build a better one in about 5 minutes :slight_smile: )
    We also used the national parks app, here:

  2. We talked about annotations and drawings upon images. This one is a bit trickier but here’s a gallery example:

  3. We showed an example whereby an image could actually be a MAP. This uses the XY data type column. The example we showed is here:
    or a general internet search on the same:

  4. We showed an enterprise feature for storing your images in Google File Storage (or aws S3, or a database table). That help article is located here:

Thanks for joining and we hope this was helpful!

Regarding point 4. Is there any performance implication with using a Google File Storage or S3? For better or worse than using files found in google drive?
(From the point of someone who currently has 8200 image/files in a single app right now)

@Austin_Lambeth I would have to check on specific benchmarks - I haven’t personally tested and timed the difference. But I would imagine that at scale, a file storage like AWS S3 or Google File Storage would generally perform faster/better.

The other item that we called out of course is around “usage”. For any number of business reasons, you may simply want your images to be made available to other compute processes, and google drive or msft onedrive might not cut it, in those scenarios…

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We are already copying from S3 to our google drive to workaround appsheet not being able to use S3 previously. Even without a performance gain it will be a big help and a wonderful feature.

@Ron_Mansolo just a quick update - we have decided to postpone the advanced session until July due to the special roadmap session we have scheduled for next week. I’ll be certain to send you a note when a date is finalized for the reschedule. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

So Google Cloud Storage is only available for Business Plan?

yes, that’s correct.

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