Office Hours: March 24th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Thank you for joining us today. Below is a recording of today’s session.

During this session we took a moment to address that due to recent global events, the way many of us live and work has changed. We provide some guidance on how AppSheet can assist in it’s own unique way.

This week we discussed the following:

  • Getting started with AppSheet
    • Essentials of data, UX & workflows
  • Supporting Remote Workers
    • Adapting apps for mobile, tablet or browser use
    • Offline capabilities
    • Creating collaborative app environments
    • Using notifications to keep users connected
  • Q&A

This session will be recorded and posted shortly after the sessions completion. Please post any and all questions below.

Featured application (1 of 2):

Project Management / Kanban app


¿Is the webinar with sound? I can not ear nothing

I am able to hear fine

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Hi @Valteam_Tech! There is sound. Please check your speaker settings as the sound appears to be working for a majority of the audience.

After capturing user data, like their phone number, is there a way to run a function to send sms authentication?
To verify the account for example.

I know this isn’t a question for you guys, but I’m just trying everywhere I can.

For G Suite Enterprise users who are switching from App Maker to AppSheet, when will we finally get access to the full “secure” licenses?

A question about onboarding, how do set up the order in which it shows the information? Can you set the order through AppSheet

Hi @Ben_Eby_CDPHE I can help you with your App Maker related questions. Can you clarify what you mean by the full “secure” licenses?

Right now we’re signing up for Free accounts. We’re waiting to have access to all of the features of paid accounts. Just wondering when that’s going to happen.

@Ben_Eby_CDPHE Are you on the custom App Maker accounts or are on you on the free AppSheet plan?

I guess I don’t know. Our GSuite accounts have App Maker access. So I would assume we’d be on the customer App Maker accounts. But when we go to we have to create what looks like a standard free account using our domain email addresses.

@Ben_Eby_CDPHE ah, I see. AppSheet is a new acquisition and therefore is still operating as a standalone platform, thus the need to log in separately. I’m going to send you a separate email with instructions on accessing your special App Maker plan.


Can you share the app as not clear on the timer logic?

In the Surface Sanitizer app, is the user setting of time for cleaning stored in the spreadsheet? I’m not sure how to start that implementation. Thanks

Is Peter’s app available to study afterwards somewhere? Kind of hard to taken in all the details for a newbie like me. I like the pace and to go over the all topics, but returning into the app would be cool.

@Tocionist we’ll make the application available after the session.

I have a use case that requires multiple entries to be made in the app(resulting in comma-separated values in a spreadsheet cell). But, I would like to take these added entries in the cell and later display them as individual drop-down options later in another view. Is this possible? CSV to enum options later?

Is it possible to have a link to directly access the parent record from the comment push notification?

how do I send a notification based on the value in a single field?