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Is there a way to user (in this case project owner) to define - “Send me notifications only once a day”?

Great - thx.

Can we differentiate(Showing only a particular view) views based on the logged device(mobile, Desktop)

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I received an email with a link to chat with the AppSheet Business Subscriptions team to clarify the best options for my scenario.

Was that the email you sent?

Is appsheet capable of creating an AirBnB clone?

Hi @Nicolas_Trejo - data in the User Settings table is stored locally in the users’ device - they are unique to each user. Here’s a good place to get started:

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Hi @Stanley_Lu - I don’t have an example readily available, but you can initiate an SMS workflow to send a custom message to the number submitted in a form. You might route them to another form to submit that custom code, and if it matches the one sent to them, it applies a certain ‘approved’ value to that user which grants them access to other parts of the app (might rely on a security filter looking for that approved status). Here’s a good article to get started with workflows:

I couldn’t find the sample apps used in this seminar in the
Am I missing something? I want to go to the apps that were referenced to check a few things out.


Hi @Lucinda_Mason we’re making a few adjustments to the app featured in the recording and will be releasing it shortly. Thank you for your patience while we make the final adjustments.


Featured Sample Application (2 of 2)

Surface Sanitizer App

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@Lucinda_Mason The sample apps have now been posted.

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Hi @Nicolas_Trejo, were you able to get an onboarding view setup and ordered well?

Hi @msgowtham, yes! The expression you’ll want to get familiar with is CONTEXT(), specifically CONTEXT(“Host”). Some more details are available here:

@teambelair yes, one option is to use the expression <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> - some more details are available here.

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