Office Hours: May 19th, 2020

Thank you for joining us for this week’s edition of Office Hours. Today we covered the following:

  • Slices
  • Security filters
  • User roles

A few follow up articles based on questions we received:

Show_if related questions

Virtual Columns

Working with Keys


Slices Sample app referenced

Security filters

Additional education resources

Our next Office Hours will be taking place on Tuesday, June 2nd at 9am PDT. You can register for the next session here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Hi! I have a suggestion. Why not embed a sample app into the registration page that allows users to easily convert the time and date of the scheduled event into their local time zone? Of course, those of us who live outside of the US can figure it out on our own, but it can be a bit of a chore. Some users who live outside of the US may not even know what PDT stands for. I’m sure there are other ways to embed something that lets the viewer easily convert the scheduled date and time to the viewer’s own time zone, but doing it with an AppSheet app would be another illustration of the power of AppSheet.


One more suggestion: How about occasionally changing the time of day in which you conduct office hours? I’m not sure, but it’s my impression that you usually conduct them at about the same time of day, which is in the middle of the night in Japan where I live. If you could occasionally hold office hours in the afternoon Seattle time, or perhaps as a “night class” (e.g. 8 PM or so your time), that might allow users in other parts of the word to participate while still being during normal waking hours in the U.S.


Looking forward to the webinar… A few questions… :slight_smile:

I’m busy building a Structured Cabling Survey app based on the XY Maps to capture photos and survey questions and drop map pins along proposed cable routes in deep underground Train/Tube Stations where there is (mostly) no phone/wi-fi signal.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Survey Table form captures notes and photos of cables in rooms through all levels of a building and drops pins onto floor plans.
  • Survey View is based on Survey Table and presents XY Map of a floor plan with it’s map pins.
  • Floor plans Table holds info and JPG URLs for all floors.
  • Assets Table holds info about all assets that require surveying.

XY Map Questions

  1. Is there a way to easily navigate/scroll/swipe/click through the various floor plans whilst viewing just the pins associated with that floor plan i.e & ?

  2. Once the right plan is located, drop more pins onto that plan without changing screens/views again?

  3. I use format rules to view pins by cable type: red, green, blue. Is there a way to link the map pins with coloured lines to visually represent the routes of the different cables types?

  4. I’m finding it difficult to re-name photos to shorter, more meaningful names. Can you suggest how I might rename a photo to Survey[Room_Name] i.e. 5-237 or at least have Survey[Room_Name] appear as the first part of the system generated photo name i.e. 5-237. cd28ca07.Primary_Photo.143601.205528?

Hi Appsheet Team,

Question regarding security filter.

If I add a security filter on Table A which prevents my users to see certain records, can another table B queries these records from Table A that have been filtered out? I assume not but wonder if a dynamic filter based on the user can be added on Table A.


Can I make a suggestion regarding CRUD operations on slices ? If the table does not allow Deletes, make it clear when trying to allow deletes in the Slice that this is not allowed, rather than allow it but then afterwards remove it, which could be very confusing ?

This is a suggestion for the slice page.

Can we have the slices organized by table source? Is it easier for users to see these slices ordered by creation date?

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Hi @JCadence! I’ve got a question for Slices. If we have a slice that filters based on a dynamically changing value (i.e: actions made on tables can lead to rows being included and excluded in the table in real time), how much computing power does this use? Worried if this is one of the reasons my app is experiencing lags and slow downs.

How are the topics in the next office hours picked?

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Hi, I’m seeing differences in the way that .ics mail attachments are being interpreted by gmail, outlook and apple email clients
, also formatting problems displaying currency fields within the .ics component.

I’ve read a couple of community posts but no definitive syntax or information about how appsheet ‘fills’ the attachment fields and if there are differences in the way the various email package interpret them



Is the security filter evaluated for every single user actions in the system?

Security filter evaluates every time sync happens?
If I am using usersettings concept to corelate

Were there any new features?

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Also, any Card View updates?

Hi there, correct. The security filter will evaluate with every sync, making sure if there’s any new data that needs to be downloaded or removed from the device.

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No feature announcements this time :slight_smile:

Hi @stephen_silk This support doc may be able to provide some key information for you. Hope this helps

Hi @Kirk_Masden really great suggestions and all things we’ve considered. When we have more humans to help, we plan on expanding our offerings :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to easily navigate/scroll/swipe/click through the various floor plans whilst viewing just the pins associated with that floor plan i.e & ?

You can create an interactive dashboard view where one side is a table view of the MAP TABLE where each map record exists and the right side is a map view from the LOCATION DATA table where your location pins are stored. In the LOCATION DATA table you can have a column called map, that is a ref back to the MAP TABLE.

Unfortunately there is no way to draw lines between pins at this time. Also you cannot fully control the name of photos. In general the name will start with the primary key of your table, but always end with a unique number.