Office Hours: November 17th 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined our session today! We discussed the following:

  • Upcoming releases with a preview of nested derefs
  • Helpful UI’s with Onboarding and detail views.
  • SHOW()
  • Q&A and more

Here are links to a few of the resources mentioned:

View Types support documentation

Column Types

Detail View

Data Organization for Teams

If you have follow up questions, please post below.


Hi, Is possible webinar in spanish.


Augusto Unten


@auntent the webinars we host are currently offered in English. This list of non-english resources may be helpful


I’m loving the map features of appsheet, I think this has so much potential for many business functions going forward. Could you please discuss where the map side of appsheet may be heading in the future?

A few points of discussion:
Adding 360 spherical photos (so you can view the image in an environment similiar to street view) for user uploaded maps. This would allow people to add assets in a 360 space rather than a flat map. Quite sure XY would still be supported with this type of image.

Adding polyline and polygon data types which would then lead into the possibility of geometry Intersects so we could autopopulate values based on locations of other data.


Would you be able to give us an update on the the new PDF creation facility?
Can you tell us more about the new PDF creation facility features and improvements over the current system?

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also will the new PDF creation facility allow downloads directly from browser? generated on demand?


Sorry if I have missed this update anywhere, is there an update on when/if a Gantt chart view be added to AppSheet and is on the roadmap?

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Some Syntax confusions:
—what is the syntax for using a team drive? Having trouble based on the example in the docs. is it [Shared Drive]Folder/Folder/Folder?
—syntax for using select() with slice. what about spaces and special characters? An example would be helpful. Can’t find it in the docs.

—What’s the difference in usage between display name and display description?

—best practices for limiting edit capabilities to a user’s own data that still allows them to see all (other users’) data.


Is it possible to use an animated image (GIF) for the onboarding view?

Excelent office hours! Thanks

AppSheet team answered that it is actually possible, but it may not perform quite ok
Thanks again!

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Can you add a video into the onboarding view instead of an image? A follow-on question is could you prevent someone from clicking next until they have watched the video too?

can the onboarding view be skipped? For example, first time visitors can go through the onboarding, but experienced users can skip it?

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You can use a virtual column as show column but you have to customize your Form view to put them in right place.

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Good webinar today. Clear examples and explanations.

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How do you change the Cancel/Save buttons at the bottom of the form to Cancel/Submit for Review?

@Nicolas_Trejo here’s the post to the SVG graphics post Derek mentioned.


The syntax for using SELECT() with a slice is no different than with a table.

What about spaces and special characters?

The Display Name, if not blank, is displayed wherever the column name would otherwise be displayed within the app. Display Name can be used to provide a user-friendly name while keeping the actual column name more friendly to the app creator. It is also commonly used to provide localized translations.

The Description, if not blank, is displayed above its column value instead of the column name and display name in a form view only. Description is a way of providing more detailed information to the form user about the expected input.

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Hi Jennifer
I enjoyed the Office Hours call today and the information that you, Natalie, and Derek provided. I am just getting started with App Sheet and I do have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer or point me in the right direction.

  1. I am a lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Arkansas Little Rock . I teach fundamentals of software engineering to primarily undergraduate seniors. I have the students do a spec, design, project plan, etc. I have in some semesters tried to have students build the application they define with limited success. However, it seems like using AppSheets would be feasible. Long way to ask - do you know of other Universities that are teaching using App Sheets? Do you have any educational programs to help students building apps in teams?
  2. I am completing my PhD in Computer Science. It is about how to make software self-evident. Could you provide me with Natalie’s contact information, as I would be curious about collaborative research possibilities in this area?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi @bwkeltch so glad you were able to attend!

I’m going to add @praveen to the conversation as he may be able to provide some additional insight on the University side. We do have a number of schools that use AppSheet and a small number that I know of that teach it, but Praveen may know more.

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We are simply moving from an external web service that converts HTML to PDF to an internal Google service that does the same. The two are intended to be functionally equivalent.