Office Hours: October 20th, 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this back to basics Office Hours covering QR and barcodes. Below are a few items e covered during our session:

App Creator Webinar series

Information regarding Google Workspace

Office Hours covering data design

Sample app referenced for barcodes

Resource to generate your own barcodes


@JCadence I’ve signed up twice and still haven’t gotten the email with the link.

Hi, this is a little bit off topic.

I have talked to some more experienced creators they have recommended me of becoming a Partner as being a great way of helping others with AppSheet.

I was looking at the AppSheet Partners program requirements and it says this:

The question is :
Can I start Training at once while building the Optimal Web Presence and other Go-to Market Capabilities ?

Would I just need to register to begin training?


Hi all,
Thank you for the help on the ‘Office Hours’ demos… they’re a great resource

I’m just in the process of setting up barcodes for my stock items. I haven’t used barcodes before so I’m a complete novice on this subject. I have a quick question…

Can I make my existing ‘PartID’ (UNIQUEID()) codes scannable and use these or could this cause problems? It’s just that I already have all these setup & I thought that it would keep things simpler & consistent.

I just need the Barcodes to quickly scan & record the stock ‘Goods Out’ & ‘Goods In’. I would also like to scan the printed code on the actual item & see all the related details for that item.

I just want to use mobile phones for all the scanning