Office Hours: October 6th, 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Office Hours today. During this session we focused primarily on the recent announcement of Google Workspace and how AppSheet is deepening its integrations within Google.

One really important call out is that in the video the slide deck shows “Google Cloud’s Enterprise” rather than the correct “Google Workspace Enterprise Plus” AppSheet Pro is included only in the Enterprise Plus offering as we verbalized in this video.

A few additional items we mentioned during this time:

The official announcement of Google Workspace

AppSheet automation Early Access Program

AppSheet + Google app templates

How to learn AppSheet with a link to the mentioned Udemy course

App Maker customer information. Note that the special plan is for those who had active App Maker apps at the time of the announcement in January. This special plan includes AppSheet Pro plus access to your CloudSQL instance at no additional charge for as long as you remain a Google customer.


Can you provide examples of use cases of the coming No-Code Process Automation?

Does Google Cloud’s enterprise+ plan allow you to connect to SQL database as a data source?

Thank you - any timeline available for the chart updates? Specifically the labelling and key for scatterplot view.

For any G Suite (now Google Workspace) customer, this is the new pricing. AppSheet appears available on Enterprise plan, but not any of the Business.

What if I use the Google spreadsheet menu to create an AppSheet app, and later another user (or maybe myself) uses that menu button again. What would happen? Will a new app be created or will I be redirected to the existing one?

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need someone to reach out to me as a partner to build a solution…thanks

Is the add-in only available in G Suite or also in private environment?

Hi Steve, thanks for joining us this morning! I think I misinterpreted your login question. I believe you were actually inquiring about directory access via your user table, is that correct?

i use mysql and have 5 tables, one of them is the user login table

I wish to use this user login table and serve data based on that

so my login could be…

pass: steve2020

and when I login, I will see records attached/filtered to my username

Can I get some clarification on the AppSheet “trial” you referred to during the webinar today?

We are a Business tier customer and were given access to AppSheet as a replacement for AppMaker. Are we going to lose this access once we renew since AppSheet is only included in the Enterprise tier now?

Hi @Brian_Gorsky I added some notes to the original post, but as an App Maker customer you’re entitled to a special plan as long as you are a customer. There’s no trial involved unless you would prefer to test with the free trial account.

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I haven’t had time to watch the office hours but the comments say something about the google workspace? I’m not our organizations account manager for Appsheet or Gsuite but is Appsheet/Google gonna reach out to customers of multiple services to make sure everything is still “in line”? I know we are a business team with appsheet and don’t know any of our google side involvement.

Or will I find my answers when I end up watching the office hours?

Hi @Austin_Lambeth Google sent out an email this morning outlining the details. The big take away is this: if you are on the Google Workspace Enterprise plus plan, you will have AppSheet Pro included in your subscription. If you do not have that particular plan or if you require a different plan from AppSheet, nothing will be changing for your plan. The video will provide more details, but your Google admin should have this information.


Sweet. I will leave all that messy stuff to them. I just make apps.


Hi. Can’t find the enterprise plus plan. Do you mean business plus?

@Ratatosk the Enterprise Plus Plan is a Google specific plan. You can view more here, but here’s a quick screen shot:


Yeah, that is where i saw. but there was no enterprise plus.

@Ratatosk if you have questions about the variations of the Enterprise plan I’d contact your Google sales rep. They can help provide additional information.

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Thanks @JCadence, I’ve engaged our Google reps. Seems clear enough to me but there seems to be some concern over if/how that promise is going to be honored with respect to AppSheet and those of us that have to remain in one of the business tiers.