Office Hours: Roadmap Edition September 22nd

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Office Hours this week. You can view the recording above, please follow up with additional questions in the thread below.

Additional content discussed:

Announcement from Next OnAir

Preview of Apigee data connecter

See you all at the next one!


I have a rather big non-technical question, which might require its own hour-long topic (or more as a series): how can someone make a career or business out of developing solutions for Appsheet or even with a broader suite of technologies with Google Cloud?
Also, you might elaborate on the Partner Program:
Does Appsheet itself offer any Business Development assistance?
Thank you in advance.


I’d like to see more about the AppSheet Automations. I watched the demos from Cloud Next and I think I get what it’s basically about, but some more detail and use cases would be helpful to get a bigger picture.

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  1. Headers, Footer, Pagnumber for PDF output?

  2. Create a Google Doc form a workflow.

Thats would be great for business users, who ALWAYS need page numbering!

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Question 1: We are an existing Google Cloud Partner, now that AppSheet is a part of Google Cloud, is there some way for existing GCP Partners to become AppSheet partners within the same ecosystem.

Question 2: Audio player within AppSheet [Open Audio file in the same window / Set icon for audio-files] - At the moment, you can natively play Video files, however still does not support audio files ? How does this look on the roadmap as there is a huge demand for this feature ?

Hi @PocketSurvey!

Have you posted these requests in our Feature Request category?

Hi @JCadence

Yes I have, but not many people have voted, which I find very strange for an essential business requirement.

Number 1 has been answered by Devs already. At the moment, the only way for them to do those is to implement their own PageLayout engine, which is a lot of work. There are services that do this already that you can implement via webhook.

Perhaps in the future, AppSheet can somehow access Google Doc’s PageLayout engine, but at the moment, they cannot.

There are hundreds of web-tools that can add page number to a PDF. Perhaps a post process could be implemeted by AppSheet to add page number and header/footers?

This issue will not just dissapear. Business users need it. It’s often part of compliance for accreditaion bodies who quality chedk documents being issed to clients, like UKAS in the UK.

AppSheet does so many great things already, shame to miss a way to vastly improve reports.

Creating a Google Doc may also be an option.

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Of course the issue won’t just disappear. But like I said, there are already services that you can link to AppSheet to do this. There are a whole bunch. It’s really not worth the devs time to try and build it natively into AppSheet when they already give you the ability to access it yourself - if needed.

Here’s one:

So you can integrate with these tools WITHOUT CODE?

AppSheet markets itself as a NO CODE platform!

The integration itself requires no code.

Customizing templates is already essentially “coding”. Super complex custom expressions are essentially coding. AppSheet can market itself as a no-code platform, because it doesn’t require you to code for it to function. However, that doesn’t mean advanced features don’t require advanced coding-like knowledge.

PDF Monkey is just one of many conversion services that can make use of webhooks. You are free to look for others that may be easier to use.


AppSheet is no-code, I think what Bahbus was getting at is that our development team would need to build the feature into our no-code platform behind the curtain :slight_smile:

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Yes, more or less. And mirroring what @Phil has said about a page layout engine in a different thread. They are keeping their eyes open for a solution, but building their own would be extremely difficult.

This is a very interesting question that I was curious about myself

Yes. I will look into webhooks later, one side deploy the first version of our app.

Question:might be too late to get an answer on this post but does appsheet have any plans or foresee any future where you move away from the sync refresh method and go asynchronous? We have had to make some extreme workarounds to force apps that run in our stores to sync when changes are made outside of that machine.

How does one become an early adopter for the Firebase connector? I would like to write a simple mobile app in Google’s Flutter/Dart/Cloud Firestore ecosystem and then use Google’s AppSheet to write robust web apps for the office functions that use the live data collected from the mobile app? There a limitations in AppSheet that preclude me from creating the mobile app in AppSheet. Thanks.

@aucforum, we’re getting our act together on that topic and will try to provide a coherent answer by the end of the year. We had a plan for this as a standalone company. Once acquired by Google, we had to revisit this to understand how to fit in and leverage the many other Google partner structures. We still haven’t wrapped our heads around that yet (it just takes a while to get a lot of the integrations in place — legal, contracting, etc).
I know in the process, we are sorely testing the patience of our existing partners and those who want to join. I hope it is something we can clarify soon.

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