Offline mode - What limitations are there? H...

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Offline mode - What limitations are there?

Hi all!!

I have a potential client who has periodic internet connectivity issues and

Salesmen in the field will sometimes be in areas where they have no connection.

In these cases, the business would need to run in offline mode.

I understand why a user wouldn’t want to be offline for more than a day or two.

But, I am curious about what other limitations there might be?

Data size?

Number of apps? etc.

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This article has useful information. - Offline & Sync: The Essentials Offline & Sync: The Essentials

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Thanks for the links.

I have actually reviewed that information.

I am mainly concerned about the size of data and what limitations there are.

Consider, for example,

a distribution company that has tens of thousands of inventory items and a user needs access to the entire system of 10 apps and all data including customers, orders, vendors, accounts rcv/pay, distribution routes

as well as inventory.

What is the data limitation on the device when working offline?

Is it simply capacity of the device or is there a cap per app?