Offline PDF Viewing Not Functioning

Hi everyone!
I am attemtping to view pdf documents offline in appsheet. I have them set up as a relative paths for viewing. They are viewed perfectly when online. The files are around 80KB each.

I have read and gone through the following article:

Here is my Sync and offline page:

Any help would be great!

Edit: Forgot to mention I am working with android devices.
Edit 2: I gave the devices each about an hour online with the devices connected to the internet. Alongside that, I opened each file while still online to download the file, then tried going offline and it still didn’t work.


You haven’t described your problem.

oh sorry, thought it was in the title and in the edit 2 section.
When I tried viewing the pdf files offline, they don’t show up. They just say I need to be online to view the documents.

PDFs are not cached to the device. Even with those settings. If the PDF doesn’t exist physically on the local device, it can not be viewable offline. And PDFs must be manually saved to the local device, I believe. I don’t think there is a way to force download them, but maybe.

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Bummer. If I save it do the device locally and know the file path, would I be able to access it inside of appsheet? (This may be a pain due to our high amount of devices, but it may be a necessity).

That, I do not know.

AFAIK, it’s not possible to access local files. You can add a feature request if it’s very important for you.

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