Offline search according to parameters

Hello everyone,
I currently have an application that can search possible installations depending on certain parameters. I have a table which gives the length and width of the installations and i need to search if it fits on a field. To put it simpler, I need to put in the length and width of the field and the app will give the installations that can fit.
To do so, I currently use a form to put the dimensions of the field and then compare it to the data that i have. I then use a slice to keep the fitting installations and that’s what it gives to the user.

The problem is that this solution requires that the user is online, because when I put in the dimensions of the field it needs to update the database online. I was curious if there was a way to do that without being connected.

Thank you for your help if possible

Yes of course mister
the lenght and width was pretty good but not the field because its too short :smiley:

you went from sad to happy