[OFFLINE] STREAMING - Stead Global Live Development

Hi Community!
I’ll be live streaming mobile development with AppSheet on Twitch. I hope you pop in, and if you have any questions, just let me know!

Stay tuned, and give me a follow!
Feel free to engage me on chat if you have any questions! (I still need to find a better twitch chat situation… Please @grantstead in the chat so hopefully I’ll get notified.)



8/6/2020 - Project Performance Periods
Today we’re working through creating project financial performance periods.

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8/7/2020 - Project Task Table and making an automatic audit table or some people call it a change table. Along with the expressions to see our cost per period.


8/10/2020 - Working on a task scheduler… Hopefully we can get some dynamic date projections… This is a complete experiment.